Welcome to my website!

Many of you already know me, but if you are just snooping around for some info, you've reached the right place.

Photography is one of my true passions in life! I took one class in high school, and I was hooked. Obviously, with just one class, this is not my full-time career. My first and foremost "job" is being a Mommy to my two little boys, Carter (born 4/2007) and Blake (born 6/2010)- and of course, a wife to my husband, Evan. Secondly, I am a pharmacist. But photography is something I make time for because I simply love it. I especially love connecting with young children and really capturing their personality in a single photo. A sit-pose-and-smile photo is great, but I like the ones that live up to the saying "A picture says a thousand words." I love the excitement in an engagement photo, the elation on the face of a bride and groom, the perfection of a woman's pregnant belly, the tiny toes of a newborn baby, the chubby fingers of a 6 month-old, the curiosity of a 1 year-old, the challenge of a 2 year-old, the pride in a 5 year-old, the love that you can truly feel in a family photo, and the emotion on a Mom's face as I take Senior pictures of her daughter.

A favorite song of mine says "These are the days that we'll remember...These are the times that won't come again...." A photo brings memories back to life, and it means so much to me that I can be a part of that for so many people.

I am available for photos of any kind. Indoor photos are taken in my home, and I have several local locations for outdoor photos. I look forward to the opportunity to photograph you and your family!